Episode 6: Why You Need to Hire a Data Scientist at Your Nonprofit

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In this episode, we spoke with Founder and Executive Director of the Place2Give, Gena Rotstein; Senior Advancement Analyst at McMaster University, John Gormaly; and Senior Development Officer Prospect Management and International Development with the Calgary Zoo, Melody Song. We discussed how nonprofits are using (or not using) big data to fulfill on their missions.  You won't want to miss the engaging conversation that ensued! 


  • The rise of social media listening and sentiment 
  • Who is using big data in the nonprofit sector? How is it being used?
  • Translating analytics into action and impact
  • Why understanding your data (big or small) is a smart investment

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Episode 6 Panelists

Gena Rotstein

Founder and Executive Director
Calgary, Alberta

John Gormaly

Senior Advancement Analyst
McMaster University
Hamilton, Ontario 

Melody Song

Senior Development Officer Prospect Management and International Development
Calgary Zoo
Calgary, Alberta