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Our team of partners and associates bring over 300 years of combined experience and expertise in the following areas: 


Fund Development Audits
& Assessments

When an organization’s resources and systems operate in synergy with fund development, they become more effective. The benefits are real, the team is supported, and the mission is fulfilled.

We assess internal and external factors; leadership, resources, service delivery, staff, volunteers, operational systems and policies; to identify organizational strengths, opportunities and gaps. We work with you to set benchmarks, identify best practices and create plans that work.


    Our services include:

    • Fund Development Systems and Processes
      • Review and analysis of database systems and related business processes, policies and procedures 
      • Recommendations for improvement 
      • Support for implementation of recommendations  
      • Development of processes, policies, procedures, templates and documentation 
      • Ongoing support and training 
    • Organizational audits, assessments and capacity studies
    • Environmental scans; to analyze market changes; or better understand the competitive environment

    Board Development & Governance

    Donors invest in organizations that demonstrate visionary leadership – starting from the very top. 

    We provide a thorough assessment of your board’s performance measured against the goals of the organization.  We develop strategies, templates, policies, priorities and work plans to align your governance with your mission. 

    Retreats, workshops and on-going mentorship are just a few examples of what we offer that will rejuvenate your board and maximize effectiveness.

      Our services include:

      • Mentorship, training and board development for staff, leadership, and board members
      • Strategic planning providing vision and clarity to your organization and fund development efforts;  we help your board and staff to:
        • Clarify the vision of your organization
        • Define your long-term goals for the future and the tactical strategies to achieve them
        • Develop effective governance models, organizational structures, and internal systems that:
          • Maximize your unique organizational characteristics
          • Create a philanthropic culture
          • Enhance your ability to connect with stakeholders

      Campaign Planning & Management

      Preparing for and executing a successful fundraising campaign is a daunting task whether your campaign is for $1 million or $100 million. To succeed, the campaign must be tuned to your organization as well as the external environment. We provide customized planning and management to take your capital campaign to goal. 


        Our services include:

        • Campaign planning and readiness studies
        • Case for support and case statement development
        • Campaign plan development and monitoring
        • Naming plans
        • Implementation counsel
        • On-site provisioning of an interim campaign staff
        • Prospect identification, research, and strategy development
        • Proposal writing

        Interim Fundraisers & Campaign Directors for Hire

        Sourcing the right talent for your team is crucial but is is also time consuming and challenging.  Often, organizations are looking for an interim solution vs. a long term new hire because they want to sustain relationships with donors and to maintain the momentum of the development program.

        Our services include:

        • Interim on‐site fundraising support; contracted support in key development or leadership positions during staff vacancies, leaves, etc.
        • On-site campaign staff;  to implement and manage the campaign plan and to assist in raising funds for a special project or initiative



        Philanthropic Naming Plans

        Board of directors, fundraising volunteers, and fundraisers all want philanthropic and sponsorship naming plans to be an integral part of the fundraising planning process. The two traditional foundational documents for a successful fundraising program have been a case for support and a fund development plan. The philanthropic naming plan, especially for capital spaces and projects, is now an integral part of all capital campaign plans.


          Our services include:

          • Philanthropic naming plans:
            • Philanthropic naming inventories
            • Visual inventories for philanthropic naming
            • Naming policies
            • Valuation reports 
          • Sponsorship strategy and development

          Research Services

          Our services include:

          • Prospect research profiles 
          • Prospect list development 
          • Identification of campaign funding sources 
          • Competitive reviews  
          • Constituency analysis
          • Development of prospect management plans and processes

          Revenue Development Planning and Management

          Solid planning and skilled implementation will maximize your revenue and fundraising results year over year. We use a collaborative approach to help you develop a realistic, tailored revenue development plan and create a persuasive case for support. 



            Our services include:

            • Audits and assessments of current fund and revenue development programs
            • Development of revenue and fund development plans
            • Development of cases for support and case statements
            • Researching potential prospects
            • Recruiting, coaching and mentoring leadership and staff
            • Helping you create a sustainable philanthropic culture
            • Events development and events renewal plans and counsel
            • Review and analysis of current database system and related business processes, policies and procedures 
            • Development of fund development processes, policies, procedures, templates and documentation  
            • Proposal development and grant-writing services
            • Development of ePhilanthropy (online, social media) plan for revenue development

            Search & Talent Development

            ViTreo is deeply rooted in the non-profit community and we are often contracted to perform executive or fund development search services. We have a strong track record of successfully matching clients with dedicated, effective fund development professionals. We understand that sourcing the right talent for your team and organization is crucial but also time consuming and challenging. 


            Our services include:

            • Assessing your needs and goals and designing a tailored recruitment strategy to ensure you secure the person with the right skills, personality and passion
            • One-on-one coaching and development for your new hire
            • Interim on‐site fundraising support - contracted support in key development or leadership positions during staff vacancies, leaves, etc.
            • On-site campaign director - to implement campaign plan to assist in raising funds for a special project or initiative

            Privacy Statement

            ViTreo is committed to protecting the privacy of the personal information that it collects. Through this website, personal information may be collected when submitted by individuals interested in pursuing employment opportunities with ViTreo Group Inc. or on behalf of our clients.

            Any such personal information collected via the website is used solely for the purpose of evaluating suitability for employment.


            Stewardship Services 

            Stewardship is a valued phase of the fund development process. However, it is also a part of the process that is often neglected. Stewardship is a thread that is woven throughout an organization’s philanthropic culture. It deserves the same attention as making the ask.

               Our Services include:

              • Assessments on maturity and effectiveness of your organization’s stewardship processes
              • Stewardship audit frameworks for:
                • Small organizations; those with operating budgets less than $2 million
                • Medium-sized organizations; those with operating budgets between $2 million and $5 million
                • Large organizations; those with operating budgets greater than $5 million
              • Analysis and recommendations for improvement
              • Development of a comprehensive stewardship plan suitable for your organization, your donor base, and your budget

              Strategic Counsel

              Getting the right advice at the right time is critical to the success of any endeavor. This is true in a dynamic fundraising campaign and it is true in the day-to-day operations of our most important non-profits.

              ViTreo has a wealth of expertise in every area of fundraising and philanthropy. We are regularly asked to provide strategic counsel to board members, CEOs, and non-profit leaders. Our counsel options vary from high level, strategic counsel to comprehensive in-house support or a combination of both.