Episode 5: "Love 'Em and Leave 'Em"…Not the Best Approach to Today's Capital Campaigns

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In this episode, we spoke with strategist, connector and community builder, Alison Pidskalny and Principal and Founder of Give Canada Fundraising Corporation and Spectrum Marketing Corporation, Dale Boniface. The topic of discussion was capital campaigns in the 21st century: What has changed? What hasn't? The conversation was nothing short of fantastic! 


  • Why aligning with your donors' values matters
  • Strategic focus and understanding of what donors and sponsors want 
  • The need for board education
  • Stewarding and delivering on relationships 

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Episode 5 Panelists

Dale Boniface

Principal and Founder of Give Canada
and Spectrum Marketing
Vancouver, British Columbia

Alison Pidskalny

Nonprofit Leader
Calgary, Alberta