Episode 7: Nonprofit Leadership "I'd Rather Sit on a Three-Legged Stool Than a Two-Legged Stool"

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In this episode, we spoke with CEO of the RUH Foundation, Arla Gustafson; Vice President, Strategic Consulting at Blackbaud, June Bradham; President of The Offord Group, Nicholas Offord; and Legal Counsel at Drache Aptowitzer LLP, Yvonne Chenier. We discussed leadership in the nonprofit sector, and the conversation was nothing short of spectacular!


  • Change management and change leadership - Are they different? Do we need both?
  • The perennial tension between conservative leadership and disruptive leadership
  • Emerging leadership models that are shaping the nonprofit sector
  • Leadership capacity: how are we training and developing future leaders?
  • Shifting from me to we - why finding your voice in the boardroom really isn’t about you 

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Episode 7 Panelists

Arla Gustafson

RUH Foundation
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

June Bradham

Vice President, Strategic Consulting
Charleston, South Carolina Area

Nicholas Offord

The Offord Group
Toronto, Ontario

Yvonne Chenier

Legal Counsel
Drache Aptowitzer LLP
Calgary, Alberta


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