Episode 8: Breaking out of the Echo Chamber

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In this episode, we spoke with Beth Ann Locke, Director of Advancement in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Simon Fraser University; Brad Jacobs, Chief Executive Officer of the Cape Breton Regional Hospital Foundation;  Cathy Mann, President of Cathy Mann & Associates Inc; and Scott Decksheimer, Founding Partner of ViTrēo Group. We discussed how to advance the fundraising profession in Canada. It was an important and wide-ranging discussion.


  • AFP Canada Board of Directors - where is it going next? 
  • Developing leadership in the fundraising profession 
  • The value of mentorship & coaching
  • Closing the fundraising research gap in Canada
  • Diversity & inclusion in fundraising

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Episode 8 Panelists

Beth Ann Locke

Director, Advancement
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
Simon Fraser University
Burnaby, British Columbia

Brad Jacobs

Chief Executive Officer
Cape Breton Regional Hospital Foundation
Nova Scotia

Cathy Mann

Cathy Mann & Associates Inc
Toronto, Ontario

Scott Decksheimer

ViTrēo Group
Calgary, Alberta