Episode 9: If You’ve Seen One Board…You’ve Only Seen One Board

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In this episode, we spoke with Andrea McManus, Founding Partner of ViTreo Group, Sharilyn Hale, Founder & Principal of Watermark Philanthropic Advising; and Simone Joyaux, owner of Joyaux Associates. Our topic was Nonprofit Governance: Have we moved the needle? Do we need to?


  • The fundamentals of board governance
  • Management vs. governance: are they distinct? 
  • Recognizing when it's time to 'bless and release' 
  • The trickle-down effect from corporate board governance
  • Culture around the table
  • Board performance evaluation 
  • Who is responsible for good governance?

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Episode 9 Panelists

Andrea McManus

ViTrēo Group
Calgary, Alberta

Sharilyn Hale

Founder & Principal
Watermark Philanthropic Advising
Toronto, Ontario

Simone Joyaux

Joyaux Associates
Foster, Rhode Island