Episode 3: The Future of Fundraising & Philanthropy

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In this episode, we spoke with Sharilyn Hale, Founder & Principal of Watermark Philanthropic Advising; Jane Potentier, Assistant Dean of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Alberta; Tom Berekoff, President and CEO of tpb strategic counsel ltd.; and ViTreo Partner, Andrea McManus. We discussed The Future of Fundraising & Philanthropy, and as you can imagine it was a lively and interesting conversation.


  • The rise of DIY in philanthropy
  • The role of technology and online giving
  • Generational differences and their impact on philanthropy
  • Professional fundraisers as donor advocates

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Episode 3 Panelists

Sharilyn Hale

Founder & Principal
Watermark Philanthropic Advising
Toronto, Ontario

Jane Potentier

Assistant Dean, Advancement
Faculty of Arts, University of Alberta
Edmonton, Alberta

Tom Berekoff

President and CEO
tpb strategic counsel ltd.
Edmonton, AB Canada 

Andrea McManus

ViTreo Group
Calgary, Alberta