Weekly News Recap: September 6, 2019

Weekly News Recap: September 6, 2019

Rendering: Contemporary Calgary, New Gallery Wing

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This week's highlights

  • Surreal photography from a bygone age #Stunning
  • Andrea McManus is going to Ottawa #NationalCommittee
  • Federal spending largesse into the arts in Alberta #ThankYou #ElectionTime
  • Catriona Le May Doan becomes CEO of Sport Calgary and Greta Thunberg lands in NYC #Leaders
  • Don't eat lunch alone, always be moving, and how to declutter #Hacks
  • Turns out, 30 minutes is about the limit and...wowzers...that's cold #UncommonKnowledge
  • PayPal drops the KKK #WhatTookThemSoLong?
  • Oxfam is opening a superstore and twitter philanthropy #ItsAThing
  • Metallica has handed out $1.5 million euros to charity #WhatATour!
  • And so much more...



  • The Government of Canada announces full membership of the Advisory Committee on the Charitable Sector (Government of Canada) CANADIAN STORY We are proud to have Andrea McManus, ViTreo Partner join this important group. Congrats Andrea! "[The] Honourable Diane Lebouthillier, Minister of National Revenue, announced the complete formation of the Advisory Committee on the Charitable Sector (ACCS). Along with the expertise of the co-chairs, Ms. Hilary Pearson, Mr. Bruce MacDonald, and Mr. Geoff Trueman, Assistant Commissioner of the CRA’s Legislative Policy and Regulatory Affairs Branch, the Government of Canada will now benefit from the expertise of 12 members with experience grounded in the issues facing the charitable sector, as well as 2 representatives from the Government. In total, the ACCS is composed of 17 members – 14 from the sector and 3 from the Government." 9/4/19

  • Feds commit $110M to Arts Commons and Contemporary Calgary expansions (CTV News) CALGARY STORY This is very welcome news all around. Thanks Canada! "The federal government is committing $110 million in funding for two infrastructure projects that will benefit Calgary's arts community, but the money is contingent on other levels of government providing financial support as well [...]. The feds are pledging $80 million to Arts Commons for its two-phase expansion and $30 million to Contemporary Calgary for work renovating and expanding the Centennial Planetarium." 8/30/19

  • Government of Canada supports expansion of Vivo for Healthier Generations centre Français (Newswire) CALGARY STORY Woot! ViTreo is proud to be campaign counsel for Vivo. Congratulations to all. "The Government of Canada is contributing $15 million to this project through the Community, Culture and Recreation Infrastructure Stream of the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program. The remaining project funding is being provided by the Province of Alberta, the City of Calgary, and the Nose Creek Sports and Recreation Association's Capital Campaign to be launched this fall." 8/30/19

  • Downtown at 'tipping point' in quest to become Edmonton's tech hub, report finds (CBC) EDMONTON STORY Nice. Can you say ICE District? "The Downtown Business Association wants to help the city's thriving tech industry find a home in Edmonton's core. The association has put forward five recommendations in a report [...] on how Edmonton —downtown in particular— can attract leaders in the tech industry. The recommendations include ideas such as establishing an accelerator program for downtown-based tech companies and retaining homegrown talent. Downtown 'is at a tipping point,' the report says." 8/29/19

  • The 'Jurassic Park effect': How a generation fell in love with dinosaurs (CBC) CANADIAN STORY Ha. My friends at the Royal Tyrrell Museum told me this was thing. I was skeptical. Turns out, they were right. "When Gavin Bradley was a boy, he was already dreaming about his career — thanks to a Hollywood blockbuster. Now a University of Alberta paleontologist, Bradley told CBC Radio's Edmonton AM he is '100 per cent in the Jurassic-Park-effect camp.' Researchers use the term 'Jurassic Park effect' to refer to a theory that the movie franchise has led to an increase in the number of paleontologists, not to mention more research funding and new technology." 8/29/19

  • Olympian Le May Doan to lead Sport Calgary into future (Calgary Sun) CALGARY STORY Congratulations. ViTreo is proud to be working with Sport Calgary. "Sport Calgary will skate into the future with Olympic legend Catriona Le May Doan at the helm. The volunteer non-profit society, which represents over 200 sport organizations in Calgary as a civic partner, appointed Le May Doan as its president and CEO [...]." 8/29/19

  • Federal government putting $18.1 million towards Winspear Centre expansion (Journal of Commerce) EDMONTON STORY Woot! This will help move things along. Congrats to all. "The project will include building a 3809-square metre facility for community cultural programming with 550-seat performance venue with automated raked seating allowing different room configurations. The centre will have a flex-use mid-size acoustic hall, childcare centre, underground parkade, commercial and multi-function spaces." 8/29/19

  • Climate activist Greta Thunberg lands in New York harbour after Atlantic voyage (CBC) Glad you made it Greta. You are awesome. "A 16-year-old Swedish climate activist has landed in New York after crossing the Atlantic Ocean on a zero-emissions sailboat to attend a conference on global warming." 8/28/19

Seven life and career hacks -- one for each day of the week

  1. The Momentum Manifesto (Better Humans) Are you ready to start your snowball? 8/27/19

  2. Elements of good conversation (UX Design) Fascinating. Especially the human-agent communication. 8/27/19

  3. To Cultivate Emotional Courage, Practice These Skills (Post Grad Survival Guide) Too many priorities? Is your team not meeting your expectations? Is your personal life suffering. Good solid advice to answer all three and a bit more. 7/9/19

  4. Too much structure kills creativity — the importance of letting your mind wander (The Startup) Word. 6/30/19

  5. 30 Minutes to Dealing with the Paper Cluttering Your Desk (Better Humans) Yep. I need this. Usually once per week. 4/22/19

  6. How To Be A Leader — For Someone Who Hasn’t Been A Leader Before. (The Startup) Lots to learn. And relearn. And...relearn. 3/4/19

  7. Why you should never lunch alone (The Startup) I hate eating lunch alone. You should too. Almost as bad as eating at your desk. "Ska vi ta en fika? (Shall we fika?)" 3/4/19

Uncommon knowledge

  • The Commuting Principle That Shaped Urban History (citylab) 30 minutes is the sweet spot. "In 1994, Cesare Marchetti, an Italian physicist, described an idea that has come to be known as the Marchetti Constant. In general, he declared, people have always been willing to commute for about a half-hour, one way, from their homes each day." 8/29/19

  • What Does Absolute Zero Mean? (Discover Magazine) Laser braking and evaporative cooling. It's the nerdiest. Guest what? I'm in! "Temperature tends to be relative — the air is below freezing, her fever is above normal. But scientists probe the extreme ends of the spectrum of what’s called absolute temperature: At the upper limit, absolute hot is a theoretical furnace where the laws of physics melt away. On the flip side, absolute zero — cold so cold there’s nowhere to go but up — is almost within scientists’ grasp." 6/26/19

Philanthropic personalities

  • Meet India’s top 10 billionaires who donate money for social good (YourStory) "India has produced a number of billionaires even as family businesses have passed down from generation to generation [...]. There were 21 self-made and 17 inherited entrepreneurs in the Hurun list. Mumbai houses the most number of philanthropists at 12, followed by Bengaluru (6) and Ahmedabad (4). Here are the top 10 Indian philanthropists in terms of amount donated from October 1, 2017, to September 31, 2018. " 9/1/19

Philanthropic controversy

  • PayPal suspends account used to raise money for Ku Klux Klan: report (Fox News) Why did they have an account in the first place? "PayPal suspended an account used to raise money for the Ku Klux Klan [...] after being flagged by anti-bigotry activists, according to a report. The account was promoted on a donation page ran by The Loyal White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, the BBC News reported." 9/3/19

Trends and shifts

  • Oxfam opening its first superstore with cafe and drive through donation point (News.co) Nice innovation Oxfam! "Oxfam is set to open its first superstore in the outskirts of Oxford in a bid to change how people think about charity shopping. As well as selling items from the charity’s eco-friendly Sourced by Oxfam range, the 14,500ft outlet will also boast a café and meeting spaces for community groups and social enterprises." 9/3/19

  • Chinese donate 442 mln USD online in 2018 (XinhuaNet) "Chinese donated over 3.17 billion yuan (about 442 million U.S. dollars) on online charity platforms last year, registering a 26.8-percent growth from a year ago, according to a report on the implementation of China's Charity Law. A total of 20 platforms are currently eligible to post donation requests online, according to the report released Sunday by China Philanthropy Research Institute. In 2018, they published more than 21,000 fund-raising requests for over 1,400 charity organizations, attracting the participation of 8.46 billion Internet users." 9/2/19

  • LEVELLING UP: SHATTERING MYTHS ABOUT PHILANTHROPY IN ASIA (campdenFB) "In 2010, when US billionaires Bill Gates and Warren Buffett held a banquet in China to urge fellow tycoons to donate their fortunes to charity, many of their targets didn’t turn up. The incident sparked a fierce debate on social media: were China’s super rich really so stingy?" 9/2/19

  • A Millionaire Is Giving Away Large Sums Of His Money On Twitter (Lad Bible) I guess it's about to be a thing. "A millionaire has started giving away large sums of money to strangers through the power of social media, having recently set up a new campaign he calls 'Twitter Philanthropy'." 9/1/19

Stats and facts

  • Canada launching 'one-stop' site for energy-sector data and analysis (CBC) CANADIAN STORY This is going to be really cool. "The federal government is launching an online portal for information on the country's energy sector that it says will make much more data and analysis available for researchers, industry and the general public. Dubbed the Canadian Centre for Energy Information, the project is described as an 'independent, one-stop, website' where anyone can access 'comprehensive energy information.' The full website is set to launch later this year. For now, a beta version is available for testing and feedback." 8/27/19

Large gifts

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