Episode 16: Millennials...We’re Just People, Too!

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In this episode, we spoke with Daniel Lombardi, Relationship Manager at Benevity; Lauren McMurray, Director of Marketing and Communications at Alchemy Communications; and Siobhan Doherty, Development Advisor in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Calgary. Our topic was: Millennials and those who follow them are (or soon will be) be the largest giving demographic. What needs to change to better appeal to these donors?


  • Conversations about whether the charitable sector out of touch with millennials
  • How the millennials generation is different (and the same) as other generations
  • Authenticity and connection: the way to the millennial donor's heart
  • Why engaging millennials first as advocates and activists is the key to engaging them as donors and volunteers
  • What are the social issues and charitable causes where millennials are making their gifts

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Daniel Lombardi

Relationship Manager
Calgary, Alberta

Lauren McMurray 

Director of Marketing and Communications
Alchemy Communications
Calgary, Alberta

Siobhan Doherty

Development Advisor in the Faculty of Arts
University of Calgary
Calgary, Alberta