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Weekly News Recap: November 18, 2016
Vincent DuckworthLeonard Cohen, Joan Kroc, Philanthropists, Women Philanthropists, Okanagan, Okanagan Arena, Penticton, Canada Winter Games, Red Deer, Alberta, British Columbia, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Food Banks Canada, Nova Scotia, Goodwill, Philanthropic controversy, Executive Compensation, Goodwill of Omaha, Talisman Centre, Repsol Sport Centre, Repsol, Academic Research, Canada, 2016 Election, US Election, John Oliver, Last Week Tonight, Donald Trump, ACLU, Planned Parenthood, The Anti-Defamation League, Civil Liberties, ADL, Kate McKinnon, Hallelujah, #ChappelleOnSNL, SNL, Saturday Night Live, Hillary Clinton, Democracy, Charles Taylor, Social Science Research Council, Brooklyn, New York, Philanthropy, Facebook, Concession Speech, Apple, Instant Donation, Time, Designers, Websites, Success, Success Factors, Lifehack, Career Hack, Infographic, Mental Error, Good Decisions, Photography, HSL, Hue, Saturation, Luminance, Photos, Color Pairings, ColorClaim, Lebanon, Lebanese Government, Nabih Berri, Australian Sports Foundation, Olympic Sports, Arts, United Kingdom, Mark Zuckerberg, Dr. Priscilla Chan, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Reid Hoffman, LindedIn, Trine University, Tri-State University, Larry Reiners, Judy Reiners, Angola, Indiana, MTI Center, Sudbury, Ontario, Laurentian University, Perdue Family, Germany, Museum Folkwang, Essen, Walter Griese, Liselotte Griese, International Paper, Memphis, Tennessee, Mid-South Food Bank, Stephens College, Jeannene Booher, Columbia, Missouri, Air Force Academy, Varitec Solutions, Jack Kucera, Colorado State University, Rebecca Bergman, Medtronic, Dr. Thomas Bergman, Neuroscience, Gustavus, St. Peter, Minnesota, Walter Scott Jr., Omaha, Nebraska, Kiewit, Berkshire Hathaway, Walter Scott Jr. College of Engineering, Sydney University, Ian Potter Foundation, United Way Toronto and York, Magna, Magna International, FIRST, For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology, STEM, Science, Technology, Education, Math, Manchester, New Hampshire, Self-Confidence, Knowledge, Life Skills, Suzanne Arkin, Sarah Lawrence, Suzanne Arkin Endowment, Sands Family Foundations, Constellation Brands, Rochester Regional Health, Robert Sands, Rochester General Hospital, Sands-Constellation Center for Critical Care, Wichita State University, Joan Beren, Joan S. Beren Outdoor Sculpture Fund, University of North Carolina Charlotte, UNCC, Cato Corp, Indigenous Culture, Indigenous Art, University of British Columbia, UBC, Museum of Anthropology, Franklin County, Greenfield, MassachusettsComment
Weekly News Recap: May 13, 2016
Vincent DuckworthConrad Sauve, Canadian Red Cross, Red Cross, Rachel Notley, Fort McMurray, Oracle, Larry Ellison, University of Southern California, Los Angeles, Michael Douglas, Kirk Douglas, Anne Douglas, Douglas Foundation, Jennifer Buffett, Peter Buffett, Warren Buffet, NoVo Foundation, Philanthropy, Berkshire Hathaway, Mark Zuckerberg, Priscilla Chan, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, Alberta, Vancouver Public Library, Vancouver, Vancouver Public Library Foundation, Family and Community Support Services, FCSS, Calgary, University of Alberta, Edmonton, Douglas R. Stollery, Nova Scotia, Atlantic Canada, Charity Intelligence, NHL, CFL, Edmonton Oilers, Calgary Flames, Canadian Trucking Alliance, Livestrong, Lance Armstrong, Lance Armstrong Foundation, Design, Julie Zhuo, How To, Goal Setting, Perspective, Debiopharm, Switzerland, Lausanne, IMD, Myra Daniels, Philharmonic Center for the Arts, Naples, WGCU Public Media, Florida, Florida Gulf Coast University, Fort Myers, South Carolina, South Carolina State University, Orangeburg, JoJo Hoerter, JoJo's Jungle, Wausau, Wisconsin, B.A. & Esther Greenheck Foundation, Shepparton Art Museum, Sir Andrew Fairley Foundation, Gantner Family, Shepparton, Australia, William Frost, Linda Frost, California, California Polytechnic State University, Cal Poly, Western University, Jarislowsky Foundation, Montreal, Ontario, Stephen Jarislowsky, London, Wildfire, BMO, Museum of American Finance, John E. Herzog, Youngstown State University, Frank Watson, Norma Watson, Youngstown, Ohio, Jabil Circuit, Audrey Morean Petersen, Center for Engineering Innovation and Design, Yale, James S. Tyler Jr.Comment