Weekly News Recap: July 8, 2016

Amazing Race Canada at Sam Livingston Fish Hatchery in Calgary. Courtesy, CTV CALGARY HERALD


  • Refugees Encounter a Foreign Word: Welcome Canada. How proud am I. This story, by the New York Times, is five months in the making and it paints Canada in an incredibly positive light. In a world where xenophobia is rampant, Canadians are quietly and proudly bucking this trend. “I can’t provide refugees fast enough for all the Canadians who want to sponsor them,” John McCallum, the country’s immigration minister, said in an interview. CANADIAN STORY (6/30/16)
  • MACLEANS: Canada's Stories Maclean's Magazine has a birthday gift for all of us. Over a century of stories. CANADIAN STORIES (6/30/16)


  • Major renovations to close Edmonton's downtown library for up to three years The Stanley Milner Library, which sees over one million visitors per year, will close during renovations to save significant construction costs. The total costs of the construction and renovation are $62.5 million. ViTrēo is proud to be working with the Edmonton Public Library. ALBERTA STORY (6/30/16)

Life and career hacks

  • 20 documentaries every designer should watch I have seen one of these in its entirety and parts of the others. I am definitely going to try and watch all of them by the end of the summer. What a treat! Way better than binge-watching a fictionalized television series. (7/6/16)

Studies, reports, findings, and stats

  • Major gifts well worth the wait for fundraisers New research from Adrian Sargeant's team at the Centre for Sustainable Philanthropy in the UK suggests that being in major gifts for the long haul is essential and can lead to high levels of success for fundraisers. (7/5/16)
  • How would the ideal charity spend its income? This is a fantastic piece of stakeholder research out of the U.K. Big learning: The public are fine with a charity spending 14% of income on administration, 14% on fundraising, 14% on campaigning for change, with the bulk (58%) being spent on the mission. Thanks to Mick Mulloy for sharing this link with us. (June 2016)
  • How One Social Enterprise is Scaling Faster Than The Rest This is an interesting case study on how one social enterprise has scaled up fast and is being used as an example for others. Startout is social enterprise whose mission is to accelerate LGBT entrepreneurs' successes. They have 15,000 members and they expect their membership to double over the next year and triple by 2018. Thanks to Michelle Regel for sharing this story. (4/13/16)


Philanthropic controversy

  • UC Davis chancellor withholds $200,000 scholarship donation as inquiry continues Talk about conflict of interest. Chancellor Linda B. Katehi has been on paid administrative leave from the University of California at Davis since April pending an investigation into allegations that she misused student funds, lied about contracts she approved to boost the university’s image and gave relatives she employed preferential treatment. Charming. (7/1/16)

Trends and shifts

Large gifts

  • Lubar entrepreneurship center receives $1 million donation Jerry Jendusa has given $1 million to the Lubar Center for Entrepreneurship at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. The gift will support an entrepreneur-in-residence program that will allow students to learn from people who have started their own companies. (7/6/16)
  • Equal Justice Initiative Announces $1 Million Donation from The Lavine Family The Equal Justice Initiative, a dynamic human rights organization that provides representation to indigent defendants and prisoners who have been denied fair and just treatment in America's legal system, announced the largest ever gift for its core criminal justice work. The $1 million gift is from the Lavine Family's Crimson Lion Foundation. The Equal Justice Initiative is based in Montgomery, Alabama. (7/5/16)
  • UH plan renames basketball arena for billionaire regent The chair of the board of regents at the University of Houston, Tilman Fertitta, is expected to make $20 million commitment to this project. [UPDATE: This gift has been confirmed as per a story from July 4th] This gift is not without controversy. Earlier this month, the university settled with the family of the late Harris County Judge Roy Hofheinz about changing the name of the arena that is named after him. (7/3/16)
  • Kettering Cancer Center lands $1.5M donation Steve Rauch, a local businessman, made his gift after first declining to make a gift. What changed his mind was a tour of the cancer center and meeting the staff. Good reminder about how important in-person mission moments are to philanthropy. The Kettering Cancer Center is located in Dayton, Ohio. (6/30/16)

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