Weekly News Recap: May 27, 2016

A unique dinosaur skull called 'Hellboy' is among the exhibits at the Royal Tyrrell Museum, which is now set to undergo a major expansion. (Credit: Royal Tyrrell Museum)

Philanthropic controversy

  • $30M donation brought NFL another crisis of credibility The NFL is just not having a good couple of years. Boneheaded, self-serving decisions like this are examples just where the problems lay. For an organization who, ultimately, is responsible for the health and care of the athletes in their league, this is really a sad tale. I hope they undergo some serious reform. Soon. (5/23/16)

  • Proposed national park is a multimillion-dollar gift wrapped up in distrust 88,000 acres and a $40 million endowment. A potentially new national park. Only one problem, the local residents don't want it. The wealthy co-founder of Burt's Bees is the donor. (5/22/16)

  • Lawyer’s greed holding up $40M charitable donation The Irene Diamond Fund, established by the late Irene and Aaron Diamond, wants to give $40 million to programs for the aging. The money is tied up in a Roosevelt Island property. Lawyer David Hirschhorn, who controls a significant stake in the real estate, is refusing to sign over his rights, which would allow the sale, without a 55 percent fee. (5/19/16)

Philanthropic personalities


Trends and shifts

  • Beyond Belief: As Americans Warm to Atheism, Will Donors Follow? Despite Americans not wanting to vote for an avowed athiest as a president, there does appear be a tide of athiest sentiment growing in the U.S. In late April of this year, Louis J. Appignani, made a gift of $2.2 million to endow the nation’s first academic chair "for the study of atheism, humanism, and secular ethics." at the University of Miami (5/23/16)

Life and career hacks

  • The Power of Writing About the Things You Read This is such a powerful idea. If you can recreate what you have read, in writing, without referring to the original material, you have truly internalized that material. (5/7/16)

  • Why I Hire People, Not Skills Cultural fit. Scrappiness and drive. Intelligence and experience. In that order. I want to do more of this. Like this. (4/18/16)

Stats and facts

Large gifts

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