Weekly News Recap: February 12, 2016

Val Hoey, Bow Valley College (credit: Ted Rhodes, Calgary Herald)


Life and career hacks

  • Thriving in a 24-7 World: the truth about multitasking "In multitasking, you end up leaving a whole pile of things partly done, and that's very unsatisfying," says sports psychologist and Olympic athlete coach Peter Jensen. I completely agree. I used to think that multi-tasking made me more efficient. Instead, it made me feel mostly unsatisfied and often frazzled CALGARY STORY (2/10/16)

Philanthropic personalities

Opinion and inspiration

Events and announcements

  • Discuss: New Conversations Series This is an initiative of the Institute for Community Prosperity at Mount Royal University. Our very own Andrea McManus is speaking on this on February 26. Topic is Strange Bedfellows: Imperatives for Deep Collaboration Why our biggest challenges require new ways of working. CALGARY STORY (2/10/16)

Philanthropic controversy

  • Congress Renews Scrutiny of Biggest College Endowments If your endowment is over a $1 billion and you are in the U.S., you are likely on this list. In the U.S., university and college endowments are tax exempt and they are not subject to minimum spending requirements. Some folks in Congress think they should be. What do you think? (2/9/16)

Research, studies, and stats

  • How Canada leads the way in charity data I love this post. Yes, we (Canada) should be bragging about this. Kudos to you too CRA (Canada Revenue Agency). Thank you to Andrea for sharing this link. CANADIAN STORY (2/9/16)

  • The Surprising Link Between Employee and Donor Retention This is something many have know for some time. Now, it is validated with research by Amy Eisenstein, ACFRE, Dr. Rita Kottasz and Dr. Adrian Sargeant. Thank you to Andrea for sharing this link. (2/9/16)

  • Why Corporate Philanthropy is so Important "Some executives criticize corporate giving because it uses company resources that could be used to benefit management or shareholders directly." Academic research from Harvard debunks this. (2/5/16)

Large Gifts

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