Weekly News Recap: December 8, 2017

Pictured, from left, at the National Philanthropy Day luncheon held Nov 15 at the BMO Centre are co-chair Sherry Dahl, AFP Calgary and Area Chapter president Stu Reid and co-chair Heidi Lambie. Bill Brooks, Bill Brooks BILL BROOKS /BILL BROOKS

A man cannot do right in one department of life whilst he is occupied doing wrong in any other department. -- Gandhi

Philanthropic personalities


  • VIDEO: Take a sneak peek inside the new Royal Alberta Museum (CBC) EDMONTON STORY We have been waiting in anticipation. Here is a video sneak peek. 12/5/17

  • Prominent Vernon family’s donation helps buy new addictions recovery house (Global News) VERNON STORY For many, the John Howard Society is not the easiest cause to get behind but it is an important part of our social fabric. Big thanks to the Foord family for this gift. Remember them next time you buy tires (they own Kal Tire). "Thanks to a financial donation from one of Vernon’s most well-known families, there is a new recovery home in the city for people dealing with substance abuse addictions." 12/5/17

  • Sheldon Kennedy Advocacy Centre receives CBE's Lighthouse Award (Calgary Herald) CALGARY STORY Congrats! ViTreo is proud to be working with the Sheldon Kennedy Centre. "Recognized for its innovations in creating student-led programs to raise awareness around mental health, the Sheldon Kennedy Advocacy Centre was honoured Tuesday with the Calgary Board of Education’s Lighthouse Award." 12/5/17

  • Province launches single Saskatchewan Health Authority (980 CJME) SASKATCHEWAN STORY "The days of multiple health regions in Saskatchewan are over. Monday marked the transfer of power to the new Saskatchewan Health Authority (SHA), amalgamating the province’s 12 health regions under one board." 12/4/17

  • Celebrating 21 years of philanthropy in Calgary (Calgary Herald) CALGARY STORY Congrats to AFP Calgary and Area and a special thanks to this year's NPD co-chairs, Sherry Dahl and Heidi Lambie. "There was a time our beloved city was ranked the most philanthropic metropolis in North America (on a per-capita basis). We’ve lost those bragging rights, but make no mistake. Calgarians are still among the most generous citizens on the planet." 12/2/17

  • Annual herring charity sale draws thousands to Steveston Harbour (CBC) BRITISH COLUMBIA STORY I do like my herring. "The annual Fishermen Helping Kids with Cancer herring sale attracted thousands of people to the Steveston Harbour in Richmond, B.C., Saturday morning [...]. The herring sale has been taking place since 2011. The idea was sparked when the 17-year-old daughter of a B.C. commercial fisherman died of cancer. All the money raised from the sale goes to the B.C. Children's Hospital Foundation." 12/2/17

  • Use is up 8% from last year, says head of Calgary Food Bank (CBC) CALGARY STORY "The head of the Calgary Food Bank says the need is greater than ever this holiday season. James McAra says a lot of the people who rely on the food bank to put food on the table are the working poor, and the demand for assistance this winter is unprecedented." 12/2/17

  • Singles night at the animal shelter? B.C. SPCA looking to shift image (CBC) BRITISH COLUMBIA STORY Innovative idea. Good for the shelter, good for the singles. "The B.C. SPCA is embarking on a makeover. It's looking to shed the classic image many people think of when they hear the phrase animal shelter — the picture of a scruffy puppy or kitten looking out sadly from behind the bars of a dark, cold cage." 12/2/17

  • This 9-year-old Alberta boy raised $33K by selling lemonade in honour of his mom (CBC) HIGH RIVER STORY Tate, you are an Inspiring young man. Right in the feels. "Tate Barton charges just $1 per cup. But because of what his mom meant to the community and where this money goes, he's found more than a few $20, $10 and $5 bills in his jar over the years. The nine-year-old boy has raised $33,000 in four years of one-day sales at Tate's Lemonade Stand." 12/1/17

  • Advent of Gratitude: Lethbridge invention offers unique way to donate over the holidays (Global News) LETHBRIDGE STORY Cool concept. "Lethbridge residents are looking for ways they can give back. 'An Advent of Gratitude' is a made-in-Lethbridge way of combining two holiday traditions. The idea is to tally up the things you may take for granted and assign them a dollar value each day. For example, two dollars for sleeping in a warm bed, or 50 cents per water faucet in your home. Once the 24 days are up, you donate the money to a charity of your choice." 12/1/17

  • Catholic Charities awards LDS Church Spirit of Philanthropy Award in Phoenix (Deseret News) I love this on so many levels. Congrats to all involved. "The Church [of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, commonly known as The Mormon Church] and its volunteerism initiative JustServe were honored with a 'Spirit of Philanthropy' award at a 2017 Philanthropy Day luncheon sponsored by the Association of Fundraising Professionals in Phoenix [...]. Elder C. Dale Willis Jr., an Area Seventy who received the award on behalf of the Church, said that the award is even more special because the Church was nominated by Catholic Charities Community Services." 11/30/17

  • Facebook to eliminate fees on donations to charitable causes (CNBC) Good. Never did understand why they levied fees in the first place. Also, they are putting together a $50 million matching fund. Nice. "Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said the company will stop levying fees on donations to charitable organizations made via its service, though fees on some personal fundraisers will remain." 11/29/17

  • Falling donations, rising costs close 2 Easter Seals camps in B.C. (CBC) BRITISH COLUMBIA STORY "Since the 1960s, the Easter Seals charity has operated three summer camps in B.C. for hundreds of children with disabilities. This week the charity announced it is closing two of those camps, at Shawnigan Lake on Vancouver Island, and near Squamish." 11/29/17

  • Canadian Cancer society to close Williams Lake, B.C., office (CBC) WILLIAMS LAKE STORY "The Canadian Cancer Society will be shutting down its office in Williams Lake, B.C., next month after more than three decades in operation. The society couldn't justify the high administrative costs given the demand for services in the community said Nancy Shelford, the northern B.C. volunteer engagement co-ordinator with the Canadian Cancer Society." 11/27/17

Books to read

  • Top Books from 2017 (Personal Growth) 12 great reads. I recognize two (Homo Deus and Peak Performance); the rest are going on my list. 12/1/17

Life and career hacks

Uncommon knowledge

  • The gender pay gap (The Economist) The article leads with the statistic well-known in OECD countries that women earn 85% of what men earn. What is so fascinating is where the stat comes from (FYI: the gap is real and the article digs in). If you really want to make a difference in addressing this gap, I encourage you to read this piece. While many women will likely go "duh" there is much in this piece for both genders to learn from. In an era of fake news, it is very refreshing to read real long-form journalism backed up with sources, facts, and data. 10/7/17

Philanthropic controversy

  • Saskatoon Catholic hospital to return $25K donation after lingerie fundraiser (CBC) SASKATOON STORY "A Saskatoon hospital foundation is returning a $25,000 donation from a local service club that hosted a fundraiser featuring women in G-strings gyrating on raised walkways. The CEO of the St. Paul's Hospital Foundation, Bruce Acton, had initially dismissed criticisms of the downtown Saskatoon chapter of the Canadian Progress Club and its Boys Lunch Out event, saying the hospital has benefited greatly from the club's donations, including $25,000 to its urology department." 12/5/17

  • Eric Reid Calls NFL's 'Social Justice' Donation a 'Charade' (Rolling Stone) This has been an emerging story all week. On Nov 30 the story about the $89 million being accepted emerged. Prior to that, on Nov 29, the story was about the NFL players being unhappy with the initial donation plan."Earlier this week, the NFL and a group of players came to an agreement in principle about a new plan that involves the league paying $89 million over seven years to projects 'dealing with criminal justice reform, law enforcement/community relations and education,' according to ESPN. San Francisco 49ers safety Eric Reid, however, was quick to explain why he believes the deal is 'a charade.'" 12/1/17

  • New Mulroney Institute is bankrolled by billionaires steeped in scandal (CBC) NOVA SCOTIA STORY "A new $60-million university institute in Nova Scotia celebrating former prime minister Brian Mulroney — and being built with money he personally solicited — got a good chunk of that financing from donors embroiled in international controversy [...]." 12/1/17

Trends and shifts

  • A Microcosm of the Nation’s Opioid Epidemic—And How Philanthropy Can Help (Inside Philanthropy) Note the reference to the fact this that this epidemic's death toll is reaching that of the HIV/AIDS epidemic at its peak. This is a massive problem and it is not getting the attention it needs. This is also not just a U.S. problem. See Canadian stats here. "The opioid epidemic continues to take its toll on communities throughout the country, claiming the lives of more than 34,000 Americans last year—a big increase from previous years. (Another 25,000 people died of overdoses from other drugs in 2016.) Philanthropy's response to this epidemic has so far been lackluster [...]. The overdose deaths only tell part of this tragic story; some 2.5 million people are struggling with addiction to opioids and all the damage this kind of substance abuse inflicts on their lives and those around them." 12/3/17

  • Daydream Impact Is Google’s New Philanthropy Program Using VR For Good (UploadVR.com) Oh my. 22nd century site tours. Imagine the possibilities. "With its ability to transport users anywhere and give them any kind of experience, VR has huge potential as a tool for positive change [...]. Google already worked with a handful of organizations on a pilot period for the program, producing the videos that you can see in this article." 11/29/17

  • Generational SRI: Sustainable investment joins the mainstream (The Economist) "Growing demand has spurred Wall Street into action. Goldman Sachs now manages $10.5bn in assets dedicated to 'ESG' (ie, meeting environmental, social and governance criteria) and a further $70bn in 'negatively screened' assets that exclude the manifestly unvirtuous. TPG, a private-equity giant, last month raised a record $2bn impact-investing fund, with the help of Bono, a rock-star do-gooder [...]. The ultra-rich have been leading the way. A group of millennials, including a Ford, a Rockefeller and Mrs Pritzker Simmons, in 2015 launched 'The ImPact', a network pledging to 'create measurable social benefit' through its investments. Presented as their generation’s answer to the 'giving pledge' launched in 2010 by Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, it has over 125 signatories (with average wealth of around $700m). Similar initiatives are springing up elsewhere." 11/25/17

Large gifts

  • The family of a famous inventor has given the largest ever donation to support science in Cambridge (Cambridge News) Remember this story next time you listen to something in Dolby sound. I will and I will smile and remember the life and philanthropy of Ray Dolby. "A record-breaking eight-figure donation has been made to secure the future of science in Cambridge. The family of sound engineer Ray Dolby have announced an £85 million gift to Cambridge University, where the leading Hollywood sound technician gained his PhD in 1961. The largest philanthropic donation ever made to UK science, it will fund the university’s new Cavendish Laboratory, which is to be rebuilt on the West Cambridge site." 12/6/17

  • Chicago Beyond awards $1.66 million to Lawndale Christian Legal Center (Crain's Chicago Business) "Chicago Beyond, the venture philanthropy fund launched by former Fenger Academy High School principal Liz Dozier, will invest $1.66 million in Lawndale Christian Legal Center, a nonprofit that provides high-quality legal defense and social services to young people facing legal charges." 12/5/17

  • Anonymous $1 million donation helps suicide-prevention author spread advice to teens (Orange County Register) A truly life-saving gift. "A transformative experience gripped San Clemente High School students this fall when Kristi Hugstad stood in front of them, relating how her husband had ended his life in 2012 – suicide by train [...]. She then offered a gift to each student in class: a copy of her new book, 'R U OK? Teen Depression & Suicide,' [...]. It was theirs to keep, courtesy of an anonymous million-dollar donor in San Juan Capistrano whose family had been touched by teen depression and suicide, the second-leading cause of death among teens in the United States, according to Hugstad." 12/5/17

  • UConn Foundation receives $22.5 million donation to bolster student entrepreneurship (The Daily Campus) "The UConn Foundation received a $22.5 million dollar donation to support student innovation and entrepreneurship from Peter Werth, an entrepreneur and honorary UConn doctorate recipient, the university announced during a press conference Monday." 12/5/17

  • SYRACUSE TO USE $3.5M DONATION TO RENOVATE ARCHBOLD GYMNASIUM TO INCLUDE HEALTH, WELLNESS, AND RECREATION COMPLEX (Business Journal News Network) "Syracuse University will use a donation of $3.5 million for 'significant' renovations to Archbold Gymnasium [...]. Kwang Tan, who earned a doctoral degree in electrical engineering from the College of Engineering and Computer Science in 1973, provided the donation." 12/4/17

  • SIUC alum's $1 million donation will fully fund fellowships for fine art grad students (The Southern Illinoisan) "Artist Jimmy Wright, who earned a master of fine arts degree from Southern Illinois University Carbondale in 1971, is providing a $1 million gift to fully fund fellowships for graduate students in art at SIU." 12/4/17

  • Loyola receives its largest donation ever (Loyola Maroon) "A lifelong member of Loyola’s community has left an immense donation to the university she loved so much. [Loyola] announced that following her death [in] 2017, Maedell Hoover Braud left a $10 million scholarship fund to directly benefit the financial aid of undergraduate and law students." 12/4/17

  • From my hide: A Chinese surprise and other good news (South Coast Herald) "In a move that has conservationists talking worldwide, a Chinese philanthropist has announced a US$1.5 billion (that’s over R20-billion) donation to environmental and wildlife conservation projects. Madame He Qiaonv, a Beijing based landscaper, has said that the record-breaking donation would be spread over seven years, but as a start she is putting US$20-million (about R280-million) into Panthera, the leading international wild cat conservation group, for projects that include the highly endangered Asian snow leopard." 12/3/17

  • Anonymous $25M donation to Gustavus Adolphus College to support career and vocational readiness (Star Tribune) "A $25 million anonymous gift to Gustavus Adolphus College, announced last week, will go toward supporting career and vocation development for the college’s graduates, school officials say." Gustavus Adolphus College is a private, coeducational liberal arts college located in St. Peter, Minnesota, was founded in 1862 by Swedish Americans and is affiliated with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. 12/2/17

  • Sacred Heart Schools to create leadership academy with $1 million donation (Louisville Business First) "Sacred Heart Schools received a $1 million donation — the largest cash gift in the school's history — to create a leadership academy for its students. The donation came from local philanthropist and Sacred Heart Academy alumna Jean Frazier, the widow of the late HFH Inc. co-founder Harry Frazier Jr. The leadership academy will be named in her honor as the Jean Frazier Leadership Institute at Sacred Heart Schools, according to a news release from the school." Sacred Heart Academy is an all-girls Roman Catholic high school in Louisville, Kentucky. 12/1/17

  • Harvard GSD receives historic $15 million donation from Ronald M. Druker (The Architects Paper) "[Harvard’s] Graduate School of Design announced that real estate and development magnate Druker Company President Ronald Druker made a $15 million donation to the school. The donation, the 'largest single gift from an individual in the school’s history' will be used to fund the renovation and building expansion of Gund Hall." 12/1/17

  • USD Gets $20 Million Donation to Renovate School of Business (Times of San Diego) "The University of San Diego announced Thursday a $20 million donation to help fund a construction and renovation project for its School of Business. The gift from the chairman of the USD Board of Trustees, Donald Knauss and his wife Ellie, will fund final planning and work on the School of Business Complex, which will bear their name." 11/30/17

  • UA Gets $2 Million Donation for Scholarships (nwahomepage.com) "The Advance Arkansas Scholarship Initiative at the University of Arkansas is getting a monetary boost with a $2 million donation from the Massey Family Charitable Foundation." 11/30/17

  • Flint Scholarship Plan Gets $2M Donation (Community College Week) "Detroit Pistons owner Tom Gores and a major Michigan utility’s foundation each committed $1 million to covering college tuition for Flint high school graduates in the wake of the city’s water crisis. The $2 million in combined pledges for a fledgling “Flint Promise” program are the first to be publicly announced since work began more than a year ago. It is not clear how much more has been promised privately." 11/29/17

  • £10m anonymous donation to Edinburgh University’s Futures Institute (The Scotsman) Wowzers! "An anonymous donor has pledged £10m to fund a University of Edinburgh initiative addressing some of society’s most pressing concerns. The gift – the biggest ever capital donation to the university – will help transform the city’s former Royal Infirmary into a state-of-the-art home for the Edinburgh Futures Institute." 11/29/17

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