The Connections Conference 2019


Connections Conference 2019: Adaptive

April 10th, 2019 (7:30 AM – 5:00 PM MST)

Ross Glen Hall, Mount Royal University (Calgary)

On April 10, 2019, CCVO will convene the 8th annual Connections Conference at Mount Royal University. This year, our focus is on being adaptive – represented by the chameleon, one of the most adaptive creatures on Earth. This year’s theme - adaptive - will support nonprofit sector resiliency and responsiveness to change. Expert speakers and thought leaders will challenge our perceptions, provide us with new skills, and build a shared understanding of how the nonprofit sector can become adaptive in the face of unpredictable times and challenges in securing resources. The Connections Conference 2019 will include a balance of plenary and breakout sessions, ample networking time, and a resource marketplace.

Scott Decksheimer will be a panelist for the following breakout session:. 

Adaptive Philanthropy

Moderator: Sue Tomney, Panelist: Scott Decksheimer, Panelist: Krishan Mehta

A restricted funding environment, competition with for-profit businesses, and shifting power and transparency is creating significant challenges for nonprofits’ financial sustainability. In this session, Sue Tomney will speak with Scott Decksheimer and Krishan Mehta to delve into the trends behind these changes and how nonprofits can adapt to and benefit from them. 

Please join us to both connect with your peers and learn new strategies to help your organization adapt to the changes happening all around us.