Stewardship Advice & Services

Stewardship is a much valued and talked about phase of the fund development process; however, it is a part of the process that is often neglected or one that receives much less attention and fewer resources than the phases leading up to stewardship. Often afforded “lip service” and a “just in time” approach to sending tax receipts and impact reports, staff and board members often forget that to be effective, stewardship is a thread that is woven throughout an organization’s philanthropic culture – not a piece of the revenue procurement cycle that has a defined beginning and end. 

 Our Services Include:

  • Assessments to determine the maturity and effectiveness of your organization’s stewardship processes
  • Stewardship audit frameworks for:
    • Small organizations - operating budgets less than $2 million
    • Medium-sized organizations - operating budgets $2 million to $5 million
    • Large organizations (Operating Budget greater than $5 million
  •  Analysis of stewardship audit and recommendations for improvement
  • Development of full stewardship plans suitable for your organization, donor base, and budget