Jocelyne Daw

Jocelyne Daw has worked in the fundraising field for over 25 years and is a recognized innovator and leading expert in the evolution of authentic tri-sectorial partnerships and in the integration of collective action, community engagement and social innovation.

Jocelyne is an internationally published author and speaker. Her books Business-Community Partnerships: Partner for Purpose, Passion and Profits and Breakthrough Nonprofit Branding: Seven Principles to Power Extraordinary Results were published through the AFP International/John Wiley & Sons fundraising series.

In 2012 the Calgary Association of Fundraising Professionals recognized her leadership work in the systems integration of fundraising, community engagement, partnership development, and marketing, as Outstanding Fundraising Professional.

Jocelyne is an Accredited Partnership Broker and an Authorized Practitioner Partnership trainer through the UK-based Partnership Brokers Association and a member of the Collective Action Initiative. She is committed to helping organizations and people build successful partnerships through coaching, training and facilitation.

As the Founder and CEO of JS Daw & Associates, Jocelyne heads a practice that guides leading organizations in designing innovative and measurable community strategies, and partnerships that create shared value, build stand out brand identity, deepen meaningful community relationships and accelerate positive social impact.

Jocelyne believes that as society’s challenges become more complex and interconnected, fundraisers are being challenged to raise money through different vehicles and in many cases to do more than just raise money. She sees that leading fundraisers are seeking new approaches to support their organization’s mission and many are turning to cross-sector partnerships to pursue solutions and to benefit from the power of collaboration.

Connect with Jocelyne on Twitter: @jocelynedaw