Board Development and Governance

Donors invest in organizations that demonstrate solid and visionary leadership – starting at the very top. 

We will provide a thorough assessment of your board’s performance measured against the short and long-term goals of the organization.  Then, develop strategies, templates, policies, priorities and work plans to better align your governance with your mission. 

Retreats, workshops and on-going mentorship are just a few of the options we offer that will rejuvenate your board and maximize their effectiveness.

Our services include:

  • Mentorship, training and board development for staff, leadership, and board members
  • Strategic planning provides vision and clarity to your organizational and fund development goals. We will assist your board and staff to:
    • Clarify the vision of your organization
    • Define your long-term goals for the future and tactical strategies to achieve them
    • Develop effective governance models, organizational structures, and internal systems that will:
    • Maximize the unique characteristics of your organization
    • Create a philanthropic culture
    • Enhance your ability to connect with stakeholders