Our Story

The three founding partners of ViTreo, Andrea McManus, Scott Decksheimer, and Vincent Duckworth have been friends, professional colleagues, and sometime competitors for the better part of the last 20 years. Through all of this, we have shared an aspiration to not only continue to provide outstanding service but to push for an enlarged stable of fundraising and leadership services with which to better serve our clients. 

Bringing together our 40 years of combined consulting firm experience and expertise into one company accomplishes this long-held goal. In addition to our core services, our clients have told us they want access to specialty search services, philanthropic naming, and deeper research services. They also want access to a wider range of advice, counsel, experience, and expertise. By combining the talents of all three of our existing firms, we are now in a position to deliver on these desires.

We look forward to engaging those who have been with us in the past and those who are with us now as we write the next chapter in our journey to support Canada's top nonprofits.

Join us!