ViTreo Says Hello!

On behalf of the ViTreo Partners, Andrea McManus, Scott Decksheimer, and Vincent Duckworth, welcome to ViTreo!

As a full-service fundraising and nonprofit leadership development firm, ViTreo is one of Canada's leading and Alberta's largest fundraising consultancies.

Why ViTreo?

ViTreo was created out of a desire to better serve our clients.

By significantly expanding the expertise, experiences and specialized services available within a large team, ViTreo is poised to deliver unparalleled skills and greater innovation to our clients.

Rooted in the word vitreous, “vitreo” is a Latin prefix meaning clear or resembling glass. Vitreo is not in the dictionary. ViTreo is pronounced Vi-TRAY-oh.

We look forward to working with you as, together, we transform fundraising.