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Tanya Koshowski

In her capacity as Executive Director of Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids (BB4CK), Tanya feels privileged to be part of a team that is inspiring meaningful action in Calgary, by providing healthy nutritious lunches to kids who would otherwise go hungry. She is proudly leading an organization with a vision that communities make sure all kids are fed to achieve the goal of no hungry kids! Her dream is to feed kids who would otherwise go without as a vehicle for inspiring action for social change. And with the work she is leading at BB4CK her dream is starting to come true as BB4CK prepares to offer their model of leadership and caring with other communities across Alberta, for how they can inspire people in the community to care for kids.   

When she's not working, Tanya can be found adventuring with her beautiful blended family, enjoying time with friends, giving back to the community and the people in her life, being active outdoors, or indulging her passion for lifelong learning. 

Tanya Koshowski
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 Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids
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