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Webinar: How to Innovate With Confidence

ViTrēo, to commemorate our one-year anniversary as a company, is making a gift to fundraising in Canada by sponsoring the 2016 AFP Canada Foundation webinar from the AFP Congress in Toronto.

Lucy Gower

Innovation seems to mean something different depending on who you ask, so it’s no wonder so many organisations struggle with how to innovate with confidence. For charities, innovation is a survival strategy. It is not just the realm of green bean bags and whacky ideas; it is about solving strategic problems, spotting opportunities and making good ideas happen to maximize your income and impact. In this workshop, you will learn proven innovation tactics from successful companies, entrepreneurs and charities. You will leave with a set of tools to build your innovation skills, including identifying where to focus your ideas, how to develop your personal creativity, build your resilience and manage expectations because the simple fact is that not all of your ideas will be successful. This session is for any fundraiser who wants to be more strategic, more creative and raise more money.

Learning Outcomes:

  1. How to take a strategic approach to innovation and problem solving
  2. Practiced ways to develop your own personal creativity
  3. Learned proven ways to build a culture of innovation with your team
  4. Have a strategy to get the ideas with most potential to market